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The i-Collector

The i-Collector ▪

The i-Collector system is a three-dimensional dynamic and ultra-dense storage and retrieval system. It is a ground-breaking and patented new type buffer device and is designed to support a wide range of standard totes or trays to store and handle an extensive range of products and is applicable in various environments and industries as Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), eCommerce, Fashion, Food, Retail, Electronics, Pharma, Cosmetics and Automotive.

Work Methods ▪

The i-Collector system is completely filled with standard totes or trays. These may be empty, but all are needed to fulfil the automatic storage and retrieval process of shifting in and out the required tray or tote as shown in the animation.

One work method in which every channel is filled with the same product trays or totes and the empties are used for the retrieval. This method is for i-Collector type called OBS, organised buffer.

The other workmethod in which the product trays or totes stored randomly . The retrieval is based on intelligent shifting of trays or totes. This method is for i-Collector type called RBS, random buffer.

Why i-Collector ▪

Designed for optimum performance, i-Collector® handles trays or totes, delivering them to and from operators or robots through transportation systems or AGV’s.

i-Collector® offers highly densed storage and a smooth operation.

i-Collector® achieves outstanding space and footprint utilisation. The use of energy recovery units also provides both financial and environmental benefits.

Unique Selling Points ▪

High Dynamic Performance

High Capacity Sequencer

Adapt to Existing Building

Easy Size Adjustment

High Return on Investment

Low Cost of Ownership

Testimonials ▪

"i-Collector is certainly an innovative, potentially efficient and profitable solution for intralogistic activities in warehouses for pharmaceutical distribution"
Dr. Ir. Rene de Koster, Professor at Erasmus University of Rotterdam
"Flexibility to meet a variety of picking, storage and staging needs in the marketplace all wrapped up in a simple and elegant design"
Howard Eisenberg, President Eurosort Inc.
"The i-Collector is a very smart and unique solution for E-commerce"
Harry Zhao, President Damon Group

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